How You Can Help

We live in a time when the Catholic School system is facing immense financial challenges. And yet, we continue with hope and a deep conviction that there are many who wish to help and will give what they can to a Foundation that continues on despite obstacles. To date, we have never received State or Federal funds in support of our program and yet our parents see and understand the need to put their child in a school where they are safe and have the opportunity for a full educational program. We can assure you that students who have graduated from our Holy Trinity Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing program have gone on to be productive leaders in the Church and in every possible field of work or career endeavor.

Please consider how you can invest in Holy Trinity School for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing through the work of the Cardinal Stritch Foundation. Your gift will help us to continue our services for the children. Your gift will enable us to make critical changes to constantly improve our program and give opportunities to these special children for years to come and continue the tradition of Catholic Education in a loving, caring environment.

Thank You

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